Selling Other People's Product with my smart phone

Here are some of the screenshots of money I have made just between February to April as at the time of writing this article

Looks like a magic right? Open yours eyes no be Jazz!!

Yes, that’s exactly what I felt when I saw people earning this much from this business model and I just started February 18th

Before you conclude that it’s impossible let me remind you that any average Nigerian with the lowest IQ and internet connection couple with a very short desire to succeed can run legit businesses online and make an honest living from them especially this business model I’m about exposing to you

Before you click on the link wait and finish up my story please

In 2019, after my NYSC I was able to save up some money not so big about 225,000 because I wanted to fund my childhood dream business of owning a fashion house in my town, but you and I know how hard this country is and how almost impossible it will be to start up such a business with just 225k.

At this point I found myself surfing the net and looking for what to do to make money online since everyone kept on chanting there is money on the internet I came about a smart contract FORSAGE I made a whole lot of money in fact I made over 50 Ethereum from forsage you know how much that is in our local currency then, well forsage didn’t crash Ethereum became expensive and people could barely afford it then for registration so I had to quit and started making arrangements on the opening of my fashion house my dream business that was when I birthed CFG, it started running with over 4 staff making and delivering clothes to clients swiftly until Covid started and my business started crumbling when no clients wanted to come and collect their clothes, no job was coming in and baby girl started getting broke again being that I had invested all I made from forsage into the business it wasn’t funny at all, that was when I realized that entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint-hearted.

At this point I went back to the internet again lol 2020/2021 was my worst year I lost virtually the little money I had on me through Ponzi schemes.

why would I take such a risk? you may ask.
I joined those platforms without proper research and planning. I just started with the motivation of wanting to do more and make money.

This unfortunate incident made me begin searching for a simple, reliable online business because at this point I was deeply rooted into the internet space it was at this point that my research paid off and I discovered  THE HOLY GRAIL OF INTERNET MONEY.

In this business I didn’t need to create any product and neither do you, all is required from me is to sell helpful products created by expect to people who need them and can afford them and the creators pays me commission from them ranging from 12,500-50,000 naira per sale

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Before you proceed because I know your hands are itching you please note that the result you see here are typical. I put in good amount of energy, time and money to get to where I am currently and you would need to put in the work it takes too if you want to get to this level, but with me by your side giving you some mentorship you can easily shorten your learning curve and not have to waste a lot of your valuable time


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Things I Have Been Able to Achieve For Myself Being a Marketer Online

My first car

My second car 

My second car

Affiliate marketing funding my offline business and dreams

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