Now for my second way , this is strictly for those that probably have purchased the 72ig training for Expertnaire but need mentorship from me. I Called it the mini package mentorship.

As an Affiliate Marketer these are the three problems that are causing you low sales in your business

✅ lead generation
✅ Strong positioning
✅ Offer creation and presentation (closing)

This is where my mentorship comes in to help you as an existing affiliate.

To solve your lead generation problem.

I will teach your how to run proper Facebook ads and how to use tiktok to generate leads daily into your funnel with my tiktok growth hack version 2.0

You will also get access to My Mega Ads Masterclass Worth 20k

To solve your strong positioning problem

I will teach you how to build a community on whatsapp around your best self and how to offer value everyday to make them want to buy from you.

You will gain access to My Whatsapp Profit Domination Masterclass worth 20k

To solve your offer creation and presentation problem

I am going to show you how to create offers for your product and I will also give you my sales rapport templates on how I close prospects.

Worth 20k

As I said earlier this mentorship opportunity is only open to existing affiliate marketers

▪️who are struggling in their business to make sales

▪️Those who want to win a sales challenge for any digital product

If I want to charge you individually to help you solve each of the three problems via my mentorship it will cost you 60k and you will still be able to make 500k in 2 to 3 months.

My mentorship cost 30k for me to give you the solutions to each of those problems.

But for the first five people that will be paying today i will be giving you a 10k discount of the price and it will just 20k for my mentorship.

I will offer you the solutions to all these problems inside my mentorship so instead of 30k for my affiliate marketing mentorship you will be getting it for just 20k today

if you are ready to get my mentorship.


Offer ends in 24hrs