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The Tw profit domination masterclass is a program designed to position you as a tool to improve sales sales via Community growth 

The four weeks coaching program is designed to enable you increase yoour ability to turn whatsapp into a stream of income while engaging in other in other things. 


The idea came to me after I discovered the wonders of owning a Whatapp community.

When I was in school I couldn't afford all i needed due to lack of money to do them and I know most students are going through this at the moment.

Even my first business couldn't thrive or grow because money wasn't coming in from it, not until i took growing a whatsapp audience serious. 

Through positioning I was able to convert my whatsapp to a money printing machine enabling me to generate 6-figures every month in 2019.

I got bigger and better in leveraging my community growth in 2020 and I was doing over 7-figures in my business.

I started building  and coaching some of my contacts to do the same  and they began to replicate my strategy and their income went over the roof. I opened their eyes on how to position themselves as an authority in the game.

This program has the effect of bringing the best in people allowing them to stay profitable while building a community around their best self.

This program has the effect of bringing the best in YOU allowing YOU to stay profitable on whatsapp while building a community around their best self.


Staying profitable online doesn't have to be difficult or complicated...

And it certainly doesn’t have to be confusing.

You don't need to start big or be a popular celebrity or influencer before you can start making money online through community building.

Whatsapp is a powerful income tool if you know how to use it to your own advantage which i will be coaching you through in this four weeks program.


  • How to build a community around your best self. A community loyal to you and ever ready to buy even your own tears  if you put it in a bottle and sell it
  • How to build as an influencer (a whatsapp tv) and also as a marketer. Enabling you to attract the right audience ,this will make your sales process an amazing experience.
  • How to convert strangers to paying customers without having to beg much for their attention through a framework for building and nurturing that has been trusted and tested by so many entrepreneurs including me and my students.
  • How to create mouth watering offers and the killer offer presentation strategy that places you ahead of your competitors.
  • Different working sales strategies for different niches which will enable you to unleash a beast mood in sales, putting you ahead of others in your business.
  • How to make your audience stay glued to your status everyday and help you repost your content and contact without you having to beg them too.
  • How to use the whatsapp magic zone to create more income flow for yourself without having to do much convincing in your sales process.
  • About the three major income pools on whatsapp and how to leverage them to start generating 6 figures for yourself from the comfort of your home.
  • How to get at least 100 new contact weekly without having to spend a dime on ads
  • How to write your own badass ads script and ads copy to attract a quality audience around your community.
  • How to create the right content for your own community. Content that resonates with your audience , allowing you to keep your values in their heart and helps you stay as an authority in your space.
  • How to create an automated ecommerce store for your product directly linked to your whatsapp if you are a vendor. An online store that takes your sales orders even if you are selling.
  • How to create a landing page to launch any of your products or collect your prospects email.
  • How to automate your whatsapp to aid in your teachings or replying to your clients automatically in your absence.
  • How to save over 1000 contacts automatically with the click of a button.

You joining over 1000 plus students I have trained on how to stay profitable online will be one of the best decisions of your life.

What you will be paying to get into this program will feel like a steal when you are done with this program.

The opportunity is opened for only a limited amount of time. So I advise you HURRY UP NOW AND PICK A SLOT NOW...


  •  You desire to make a steady stream of income with your whatsapp status doing what you love the most
  • You sell coaching programs, ebooks and mentorship programs and you want to increase your sales 10x of what you used to get before.
  • You are an affiliate marketer and you wish to position yourself as an authority in your niche giving you the magnetic power to recruit more prospects into your program.
  • You are a networker and you want to get more downlines without having to beg random people to sign up for your programs.
  • You wish to make money from content creation and grow your influence online.
  • If you wish to grow your contact and whatsapp views to over 1000 views
  • You are tired of feeding from hand to mouth not knowing where or when the next cashout will come from.
  • If you seek to always stay profitable online. Converting your data to cash and not wasting your time with no return of investment on the time spent on whatsapp posting memes and funny videos.
  • If you want to turn your everyday interest and routine into an income pool.


some even use whatsapp to earn in dollars. Don't take my word for it check proof below

The TW PROFIT DOMINATION bootcamp is designed to turn you into a money magnet and a well celebrated influencer on whatsapp among other top whatsapp influencers. The program covers the direction you need to stay profitable online.

In order to achieve this, here is what is inside the four weeks program splitted into five modules.

Module 1 : Community Journey

  • Story of my WhatsApp journey
  • Defining your passion
  • Building a community around your best self
  • Where to start
  • How to continue
  • How to build
  • Audience Building and Nurturing

This section will show you how to start your own whatsapp community around your passion (interest) and still use your regular routine to generate passive income. You will understand the exact audience building and nurturing strategy that will give you quality clients that are ever ready to buy even your own tears if you put it up for sale.

Module 2: Ads Mastery and 10x growth process formula

  • Establishing a brand image / identity
  • Lead generation and follow up formula
  • Ads management strategies (tricks to running ads that gives massive turn up )
  • Brand awareness campaign
  • Authority building campaign
  • Retargeting campaign
  • Sales conversion campaign
  • 7 killer ads mistakes that lead to poor turn up you should avoid.
  • The WhatsApp funnel Process
  • WhatsApp monetization process (three streams of income that generate 7-figures for me on WhatsApp)

This section helps you position yourself as an authority in your niche, helping you make your audience stay glued to your status. You will get to know how to run ads that convert on whatsapp using the different types of ads campaigns properly. In this module I revealed how to monetize your whatsapp.

Module 3: Connection and Money conversion  process 

  • Offer creation and presentation
  • Sales and conversion techniques
  • WhatsApp S and  E management
  • WhatsApp Engagement Hack
  • Status hack
  • Broadcast hack
  • Group hack
  • Practical affiliate / network marketing techniques
  • Copywriting and storytelling process on WhatsApp.
  • Testimonial conversation process..
  • A.C.A and UDF principles for massive sales and Wealth creation...

This section shows you the holy trinity of creating an irresistible offer. It builds your understanding of how to use copywriting storytelling to create physiological demand in the heart of your audience making your product feel like the best. This section also reviews the proper way to use your status,group and broadcast to create a responsive audience.

Module 4: My success secret strategies 

  • How I made over $5000 in 7 months affiliate marketing
  • How I made over $20000 in 3 months network marketing
  • How I made 0ver  $1000 in a month on sales of my service and products.
  • Scalable structure to running a money printing business on WhatsApp {posting schedules, customer journey templates , ads scripts and swap files.

This section I share my exact strategy I use to generate over 6figure income on whatsapp doing affiliate marketing, network marketing and product sales on whatsapp. This section also shows you how to create a scalable business on whatsapp in case you lack ideas on which business to start and how to create a passive income generator..

Module 5: Content Creation and automation

  • Use of pixellab
  • Use of inshot
  • Use of canva
  • Auto responder automation
  • How to set welcome message
  • Set for automated sales journey
  • For referral campaign with unique link
  • For group reply and dm reply when absence
  • Landing page creation
  • How to create simple Advèrt  contents with InShot and Canva .

This section shows you how to create content as a whatsapp tv or as a marketer to promote your product. This section will turn you into a guru in your automation process. It  will show you how to conduct referral campaigns to generate new contact and save the new contact automatically even in your sleep. You will learn how to build your own ecommerce store for free where you can host your products and take orders automatically even when you are not online. This section is designed to help you do less and get more results.


To all the things you will be learning in this program I will also be giving the following for free…

  • 30 DAYS WHATSAPP GROWTH HACK TIPS. i will send you a whatsapp growth tip everyday to your email for the next 30 days.  Worth #10,000
  • Access to a zoom call every week for four weeks to attend to all your challenges and a review of case studies of successful entrepreneurs in the game. Worth #40,000
  • A worksheet that carries all your assignments to help access your growth and understanding level.
  • Access to all paid automation tools (autoreply bot , autosaver,etc). Worth #30000
  • The sell like crazy mastery program. Worth #10000
  • The traffic secret mastery program. Worth #10000
  • Over 50 Contact list of trusted whatsapp influencer you can pay for ads Worth #50000
  • Access to my book club with a library of 7 books that will change your mindset towards money making  Worth #10000.
  • For the fast action takers making payment today you will get access to the 5knock-out affiliate marketing strategy video Worth #10000
  • A recorded interview of one of the top serial entrepreneur in nigeria that was about to turn #900 into a 35 billion naira real estate company. It's a story that you won’t like to miss if you desire to own your own company worth priceless


With bonuses worth over #160000 for FREE only if you grab this opportunity to be part of this program TODAY.


This is me on second position on LPVFORUM LEADERS BOARD doing over 3 million in profit affiliating for an income program in 2019.

This is my dashboard on the program doing over 3 MILLION in profit with total of 2419 referrals on the Program

After affiliating for an income program I moved into networking in 2020 and in three month I was doing over $55000.
Below is a video record of my earning where I did over $700 in profit in a day with my dashboard with total earning of $55000

I did another networking program in one month I was doing over $15000 in profit still in 2020.

In 2021 I continued networking in another program in one month I was doing over $9000 in profit

I was able to generate all this result on whatsapp Without running Facebook ads or Instagram ads or Google ads to generate leads.

If you are a networker or an affiliate Marketer and you wish to be a territorial commander and a profit dominator ahead of all your peers or competitions on whatsapp.Then you need to signup for this program to shape you into the kind of person that attract the kind of result you desire.


WHY YOU SHOULD BE PART OF THIS PROGRAM AS A BUSINESS OWNER and nothing should matter more than been part of this life changing opportunity


Data is actually your biggest greatest access when it comes to making money online. This is what big companies like netflix , jumia, konga , amazon are using to generate massive revenue into their company. It also works on small businesses or startups looking to make money online.

Data collection helps position you or your business on a never ending income generating opportunity. It requires a lot of expenses to keep looking for clients to buy your products through advertisements but data collection provides you with the opportunity to own the traffic you generate through ads.

This is why you need this program in order to understand the exact strategy to use in owning your own traffic through data collection.

There is a list of data collecting softwares big businesses are using but the most common one is email list but in recent time an alternative to email is now whatsapp. Statistics shows that whatsapp has more open rate than email and for startup business whatsapp gives you more chances of converting COLD TRAFFIC to paying customers than email because its a personal relationship media that gives your three power pools for convertion.

Through the whatsapp funnel process i will be showing you the never ending income generator strategy you will use to convert the 97% not ready to buy client in the market to steady buying customers.


My name is Moses Victor Owulo. I am the CEO of insta media and imb academy. I am a graduate of UAM. I study statistics in my undergraduate level.

I am a business coach. I train and mentor young students and fresh graduates on how to make money online through positioning.

The amazing thing is I was able to do this from the comfort of my home and I can be able to help you do the same.

I started making money online full time since 2016 in my 100l.  have gone into different marketing programs and investments that have helped me discover better ways to make good money online even as a student.

With my years of experience I have built a profitable business online that has generated over 7 figures for me in revenue in the last 2 years and I have been able to help over a 1000 persons hit their financial target through the help of my contents.

You can connect with me more by subscribing to my P.O.G newsletter where I share my experience and strategies on how to be financially independent.

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